National Action Civics Collaborative

The National Action Civics Collaborative (NACC) was founded in 2010 by six community-, school- and university-based organizations concerned about how low income youth are acquiring the motivation, skills, knowledge and behaviors necessary for constructive civic and political participation. Geographically and programmatically diverse, these organizations are passionate about, and skilled in, providing youth with the kind of experiences that enable them to take action and leadership on community problems. Our discussions resulted in a commitment to collaborate on promoting and expanding the practice of Action Civics as an evidence-based approach to creating an engaged and educated citizenry. Going forward, NACC aims to

  • Promote and expand the practice of Action Civics within the education reform movement as well as the civic education movement regionally and nationally

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of Action Civics in increasing civic knowledge, skills, and motivation, thereby decreasing the civic engagement gap

  • Collaborate across member organizations to strengthen, refine, fund and grow our work

To learn more about NACC, its work and its member organizations, please click here to visit the collaborative's website.


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