Common Core

Action Civics Curricula and the Common Core Standards

At Mikva Challenge, we are excited by the opportunities offered by the Common Core Standards' emphasis of literacy skills and 21st century skills within a Social Studies or Government classroom. Mikva's curricula are heavily skills based (critical thinking, communication, creative problem-solving, collaboration), and we are encouraged that Common Core provides recognition of the importance of building student skills in what is traditionally thought of as a heavily content-based civics class. We are especially encouraged by the Common Core's recognition of skills such as collaboration, communication using diverse formats and media, and evaluating arguments.

Mikva's Action Civics curricula are particularly a good fit with the Common Core standards around:

  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
  • Persuasive communication
  • Using evidence to support claims
  • Analysis of topics using reasoning
  • Research to build and present knowledge

Like the assessments for the Common Core Standards currently being developed, Mikva's Action Civics curricula and assessment rubrics emphasize the application of knowledge rather than relying solely on standardized testing of content.

Click the link below to download a PDF that highlights how Action Civics aligns with national common core standards. 
icon Action_Civics_Alignment_to_National_Standards.pdf (270 KB) 


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